Main town of Sarentino/Sarnthein

With its 2,300 residents, Sarnthein is the commercial, political and social centre of what is, in terms of area, the largest municipality in South Tyrol. Safely and quickly accessible on a modern road from the provincial capital of Bolzano and yet in another world... Many historical buildings (all with inscriptions) merge with the new buildings, and neat paving across the board to form an inviting townscape.

The townscape is shaped by the large and stately Maria Himmelfahrt parish church with its attractive Romanesque tower. For the Sarntal locals, Sarnthein is generally known simply as the "Dorf", or village. No local says: “I'm going to Sarnthein”, instead they say: “I’m off to the village”. Since the last World War the main town has undergone extremely rapid development. Many new buildings, but also exemplary renovated historic buildings, plus residential areas on the outskirts of the town shape the townscape today. Sarnthein and the people of the Sarntal Valley are also proud of their hospital, the smallest in South Tyrol.

Not to be missed in Sarentino/Sarnthein:

The Rohrerhaus

Maids and servants The first historical mention of the Rohrerhof dates back to around 1280 and was earlier regarded as one of the valley’s largest farm estates.

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A visit to the workshops of the traditional Sarntal craftsmen

They stand for traditional manufacturing techniques, natural materials and above all for a passion for their craft.

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Shopping, strolling and indulgence

Over just 300 m the historic village centre with its 25 shops is probably the most compact shopping street in South Tyrol.

Sarnthein-Astfeld-Sarnthein circular trail around the valley with views of the valley and its villages

Hiking and walking past meadows and bushes as they spring into life. Highlights of the hike: the Rohrerhaus and Reineck Castle.

Public swimmingpool Sarnthein

Have a nice day in the Pubblic Swimmingpool at Sarentino. Dip into the cool water.

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Ice skating-rink Sporting Area Labnes

Ice skating-rink Sporting Area Labnes, Sarentino Village, Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley. Daily open from 2 till 6 p.m.

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Staying overnight in Sarnthein

More than just holiday apartments and hotels.

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Bars, cafés and restaurant in Sarnthein

From coffee on a morning to a gourmet dinner in the evening, there is something for everyone here.

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Shopping in Sarnthein

Relaxed, high quality, unique and above all personal.

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The Sarntal Valley in South Tyrol
Sarntal Standort
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Tourism Association Sarntal
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South Tyrol • Italy
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Ski Area Information

Reinswalder Bergbahnen AG
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