The small hamlet of Bundschen, with its little "Mary of the Good Way" church, lies around 4 km to the south of Sarentino/Sarnthein at 923 metres above sea level, and has 203 inhabitants. In the past, this small hamlet had a very special significance. Since for a long time the narrow porphyry gorge was almost impassable from Bolzano, the most important bridle path passed via Jenesien and Afing into the Sarntal Valley. The Sarntal Valley opens up in Bundschen after a 12 km-long gorge. The landscape features broad grassy slopes and a unique view of the Sarner Scharte gap.

In the parish of Vormeswald, anyone transporting cattle and goods had to overcome the fearsome passage over the Marterloch. Nowadays, this gorge containing the Martertal stream still marks the border between the municipalities of Jenesien and Sarntal. Immediately after the fearsome Marterloch are the two ancient farmsteads of Martertal and Eyrnberg. The many carriers and pack animal drivers found a welcome place to rest here. The mighty Eyrnberghof had a Romanesque archway and defensive tower with arrow slits. The farm offered free wine and was obliged to grant shelter and protection to the pack animals. Its stables had room for 40 horses. From Eyrnberg the cart track led very steeply downhill to Bundschen, which was reached by crossing a bridge over the Talfer. The name Bundschen is certainly derived from the Ladin word "pontesin", which means small bridge. Here in Bundschen the old track opened out above Afing into the valley road, which ran through the eerie Sarner Gorge with the wild river Talfer to Bolzano. The great respect that the residents of the Sarntal still have for the dangers of the narrow road through the gorge even today, is demonstrated by the fact that almost everyone who travels by car, bus, motorbike or cycle makes a sign of the cross or even says a short prayer as they pass by the little "Mary of the Good Way" church.

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Mike's Bike Park

The Bike Park offers both beginners and experienced bikers interesting competitive and practice grounds with a unique view.

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This remote hamlet in the Sarntal Valley takes its name from the powder avalanche known as the "Windlahn". 14 farms cling onto the steep meadows and forests at 1,257 metres above sea level.

Staying overnight in Bundschen

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