• Traditional Sarentino Craftsmanship


A song of devotion

People say that skilled hands are a gift of God. But they also know that skill only comes through hard graft. The men and women of the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley have made this into their motto, both in handicrafts and in business. It is the song of great devotion to everything that comes into their hands.

Sarner Gschick

If a handmade item is unique, tells a story and is of the very best quality, then it certainly comes from a "Sarner Gschick" (Sarner Skills) establishment. Five craftsmen from the Sarntal have joined forces in order to make the centuries-old tradition of handicrafts and traditional manufacturing techniques known far beyond the valley itself.

Fritz Turnery Showcase

Find out more about handicrafts in the Sarntal Valley and look over the shoulder of a master as he goes about his work! The Drechslerei Fritz Turnery showcase reveals fascinating details about the growing and felling of trees and about the products that can be made from them. Master turner, Fritz Unterkalmsteiner, will be delighted to take the time in person to tell you more about his craft. You will see here how turners worked over 100 years ago.

Demonstration duration: approx. 20 minutes
Opening hours: mid-June to mid-September, every Thursday from 10 am-12 noon and 2-6 pm.

Living wood

Stone pine can do it all: The smell is aromatic and relaxing, the colour is warm, and it can be transformed into myriad objects, from boxes to decorative apples.

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Traditional Sarentino craftsmanship:
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