• The trail "Hufeisentour"


The Hufeisen (Horseshoe) Tour

The Hufeisen Tour is a seven-day hike through the Sarntaler Alps. For the mountaineers it passes through a very rustic area that has largely been left to nature, the like of which is now scarce in South Tyrol.

The route runs in the heart of South Tyrol over alpine terrain, past lush meadows and alpine pastures, over summits and passes and along little-travelled and unspoilt pathways. Hikers and climbers are rewarded with fantastic views of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites, and of the Zillertal Alps, Stubaier Alps, Ötztal Alps and into the Ortler region and the Brenta Group. The classic horseshoe tour starts in the eastern Val Sarentino/Sarntal Alps, covers 7 or 8 stages and runs in an anti-clockwise direction. The route can, however, be completed in reverse. Apart from this, the horseshoe tour can also be accessed and accomplished from several different locations.

Refuge Huts and Accommodation

Opening times
Schutzhaus Rittner Horn+39 349 0986516Mid-May till early-November
Latzfonser Kreuz+39 0472 545017Early-June till end-October
FlaggerschartenhütteMid-June till early-October
Gasthof Alpenrosenhof (Penser Joch)+39 335 6547582End-May till early-October
Hotel Penserhof+39 0471 627122all the year
Hotel Murrerhof+39 0471 1390022all the year
Hotel Feldrand+39 0471 627101all the year
Gasthof Rabenstein+39 0471 627347all the year
Hirzerhütte+39 330 515900Mid-May till early-November (Sat close)
Kesselberghütte+39 0473 279 477Early-June till early-November (Sat+sun close)
Meraner Hütte+39 0473 279405all the year
Sarner Skihütte+39 333 9392929Eraly-June - early-November
Möltner Kaser (shaketown)+39 349 1290780End-April till early-November

Other alpine offering snacks and drinks

Phone number
Opening times
Stöfflhütte+39 338 7319464End-May - early-November
Almschank Waldrast+39 340 3141173End-May - end-September
Pfroderalm+39 335 6833677Mid-May - end-October
Öttenbacher Alm+39 338 3881008Early-June - end-October
Ebenbergalm+39 320 0771195Mid-June - mid-September
Hirzerhütte+39 330 515900Mid-May - early-November
Putzer Kreuz+39 333 4195163Early-April - early-September
Auener Alm+39 348 1308218Mid-May - end-October
Durralm+39 329 1569896Early-July - early-October
Kesselberghütte+39 0473 279477Early-June - early-November
Hiking bus service in the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley, summer

Kick back and enjoy the ride with the Sarntal hiking bus, which will take you safely and in comfort to the loveliest hiking trails in the Sarntal Alps.

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The Sarntal Valley in South Tyrol
Sarntal Standort
Tourist Info

Tourism Association Sarntal
Kirchplatz 9 • 39058 Sarnthein
South Tyrol • Italy
+39 0471 623 091

Ski Area Information

Reinswalder Bergbahnen AG
Reinswald 129 • 39058 Sarntal
South Tyrol • Italy
+39 0471 625 132