Nordheim and Astfeld

From Astfeld, the Sarntal branches off into the Durnholz and Pensertal Valleys. Astfeld lies where the valley branches at 1,021 metres above sea level and is the newest neighbourhood in the Sarntal. In 1724 the houses in Astfeld were still included under the village of Nordheim. Further to the south and almost adjoining Astfeld is Nordheim, at 1,000 metres. Today, the two villages together have 1,050 inhabitants.

In the Middle Ages Nordheim played a particularly important role. The noble family of the Northeimers, who carried the name of the Sarntal into the wider world through Cyprian von Northeim, the Chancellor of Emperor Maximilian, came from here. The first von Northeim noble is mentioned in the records in 1212. In contrast, in early modern times, Astfeld owes its fame to its smelting works, about whose location and importance Georg Mutschlechner teaches. The location of the smelting works is indicated by a letter dating from 1545 to the regional judges of Gries and Bolzano regarding water pollution in Nordheim and Astfeld. It was positioned below the confluence of the Durnholz stream and the river Talfer. This smelting works, which was operated by the Teutonic Order, was used to smelt ore from the Sarntal as well as silver ores from Terlano/Terlan and Nalles/Nals. Sadly, the two villages also became known over the centuries for the many floods caused by the deluges from the Durnholz stream and the Talfer from the Pensertal Valley.

Not to be missed in Nordheim and Astfeld:

Nordheim und Astfeld
The Sarnar Reggele is a typical small pipe used by Sarntal farmers

A visit to the Sarntal Reggele pipe and costume cutlery-maker, Peter Ainhauser in Nordheim.

Nordheim und Astfeld
Sarntal Contemplation Trail St. Valentin and the Mesnerhof

The hike to the small Church of St. Valentin, which also has a certain tradition as a place of pilgrimage, and to the nearby Mesnerhof, which offers a place to stop for a snack and a drink, starts in Astfeld.

Nordheim und Astfeld
Saulegg Brünnl Spring

Easy walk of around 45 minutes from Astfeld along the footpath and then through the Winklerwaldl up to the turning point at the well-known Saulegg Brünnl.

Nordheim und Astfeld
Church of St. Nikolaus

Marvel at the Church of St. Nikolaus in Nordheim, which dates from 1367.

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