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Aberstückl is the smallest village in the Sarntal and lies in the Pensertal Valley in a sunny location at 1,325 metres above sea level approx. 12 km from the main town of Sarnthein. The school and church of St. Bartholomäus and St. Ulrich are the centre of and main meeting places in the small mountain village with its 112 inhabitants. The fantastic and unspoilt natural surroundings at the foot of the Hirzer summit (2,781 m) are perfect for hiking. Only around 20 pupils attend the various year groups in this mini-school.

Aberstückl is a spread-out neighbourhood with a small village centre and scattered mountain farms. Apparently this hamlet was once known as "Oberstückl". In 1624 the area was known as the Kratzberg quarter and the Aberstückl quarter, with 6 farms belonging to Kratzberg. This quarter had an active link with Merano via the Missensteiner Joch pass. The bridle track over this pass was extremely important to the inhabitants of Aberstückl, Muls and Weissenbach. Above Aberstückl lies the highest summit in the Sarntal Alps. The Hirzer (2,781 metres) can be reached along three different routes. From the Missensteiner Joch pass via Lake Kratzberg, via the Anteran Alp or via the Grünangertal Valley (not marked). The summit could not be more aptly described than by Hans Kiene: "The Hirzer is really to the fullest extent a summit from which it is possible to overlook the whole of Tyrol at once..." Over the centuries, two torrents, usually two unassuming mountain streams, have repeatedly wreaked devastation. They are the Sagebach down from Missenstein and the Felderbach from the Hirzer through the Grünanger. For example, the stately Felderhof was once almost completely destroyed by flooding from the Felderbach. It is mentioned in the records as long ago as 1333 that there was a church in Aberstückl, but no parish priest. And so the residents had to walk to Pens or Sarnthein for mass on a Sunday. Only from 1756 did Aberstückl get its own minister. In 1935 Aberstückl became a curacy and in 1986 it was elevated to what is probably one of the smallest parishes in South Tyrol. In the past the ministers of the small village were also responsible for the souls of the up to 400 miners in the nearby Rabenstein mine.

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The Trail of Legends (Sagenweg) in Aberstückl

The Sarntal is rich in myths and legends and this fact inspired us to revise and illustrate these stories, most of which have been handed down orally from ancient times, for children and their parents.

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Hike to the magical Kratzberger Lake

Kratzberger Lake lies in the Sarntal Alps. The starting point for this hike is the idyllic hamlet of Aberstückl.

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