• The farmer museum Rohrerhaus

Farmer Museum in the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley, South Tyrol

The Rohrerhaus

The Rohrerhaus in Sarnthein is an old farmhouse that has been converted into a museum, with an old smokehouse and bread-baking ovens. The Rohrerhaus is built simply yet spaciously, to serve a purpose, without embellishments and yet with a plain, quiet style.

Opening hours

The Rohrerhaus is opening to the public from mid-June to the end October.

Thirsday, thursday and saturday
from 3pm to 6pm

July and august:

Thirsday, thursday and saturday
from 3pm to 6pm
Wednesday evening
from 5:30pm to 10pm

Opening hours during the Alpine Advent:
every day from 3pm to 6pm.
Please see here for more information on the Alpine Advent in Sarntal Valley.

Exhibition: "Crafts and farm life from 100 years ago in the Sarntal valley"

Culture and Customs

From the Sarner Reggele (traditional pipe) to the Sarner Striezl (flatcake made with rye flour): experience traditional customs in the Rohrerhaus Museum in Sarnthein.

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Traditional Handicrafts

The handicrafts of the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley are testament to unique ideas and products.

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