THE START OF THE WINTER SEASON MUST BE POSTPONED AGAIN DUE TO CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS! Therefore the mountain railways in Reinswald are currently closed!



Restaurant TERRA - The Magic Place & Restaurant ALPES - La Fuga


Recognized and confirmed with 2 stars in the Michelin Guide 2020 and the “Best Wine Card Award” in the Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2020 - 98 points and 4 forks (top 3 in Italy) in the “Luxury/High End” category.

In November 2008 the Restaurant TERRA – The Magic Place was awarded with the first star Michelin. In 2017 they received the second star. The two stars have been confirmed in 2018, 2019 and now also for 2020. Heinrich and Gisela Schneider thank their team, but also their families. Terra is the story of a family where everyone works together on a big dream.

La Fuga

The concept of La Fuga describes the basic philosophy of Gregor and Mattia: How they see the world of gastronomy in the future. A research laboratory, so to speak, for food, drink, spa and the hotel industry. Translated La Fuga means "to run away" - and that is to be taken literally. The two protagonists leave all the specifications behind them and freely implement their ideas, shaping their world of gastronomy.
La Fuga in the Alpes marks the start. A restaurant that doesn't want to be a restaurant after all. Rather a play in several acts, moderated by the main actors Mattia and Gregor, co-designed by the guests of the evening. Or a journey through the wonderful world of natural food and drink.

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