• Tandem Flights Sarntal

    Tandem Flights Sarntal

With the tandem paraglider over the Sarntal Bozen South Tyrol

Tandem flight in Reinswald

The dream of flyin is without doubt part of human history
Who has not yet dreamed of gliding high above meadows, treetops and houses - as silent and gentle as a bird?
The only thing you can feel is the wind in your face.

To experience the purest form of flying: excitement, emotions, memories...

We make it possible and take off with you!


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Paragliding tandem flights in South Tyrol

Do you want to fly? Then do it!

The dream of flying is surprisingly easy to realize.

To take off and land you only have to run a few steps, we do the rest.
What are you waiting for? Contact us!

A video of your tandem flight is included in the price. It will always remind you of your adventure. We will upload the video directly to your smartphone or to a cloud after landing.

We are looking forward to fly with you!

For more information just visit us on the website

Contact us:
Martin +39 379 280 6070
Julian +39 346 140 6968

or by e-mail:

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The Sarntal Valley in South Tyrol
Sarntal Standort
Tourist Info

Tourism Association Sarntal
Kirchplatz 9 • 39058 Sarnthein
South Tyrol • Italy
+39 0471 623 091

Ski Area Information

Reinswalder Bergbahnen AG
Reinswald 129 • 39058 Sarntal
South Tyrol • Italy
+39 0471 625 132